Web Design Services
John Noveske   

Graphic Design
Your website will need some kind of graphic design. The primary goal of an effictive website is to serve as an advertising platform where the objective is the sale of goods and/or services. Besides being artistically pleasing to the eye, good graphic design will create the look and feel of your site, give order to your information and help guide your prospective customer in a path that leads to making a desicision to use your business.

Selecting the proper logo, typography, colors, images and layout will not only determine the readability and legibility of your site, but it will also visually communicate your branding and company identity to the viewer. Effective graphic design can communicate at an emotional level where words alone cannot.

Most of the graphic designs in the sites we create are done in-house. For graphic intensive designs, we work with our own network of graphic artists or we can work closely with your existing designer and artwork.

Website Design and SEO

Many people today deal with Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as two seperate items and have them done by two separate companies. This is a mistake that will lead to frustration, spotty results and a waste of money. Good Website Design must be 'search engine friendly' from the start or it is not a good design. Having two different companies that are focused on their own work and sometimes fouling up the work of the other, can be costly, time consuming and ultimately never provides what the business owner wanted in the first place.

I've said it many times, 'Content is King' when it comes to SEO. I know everyone wants tell you about meta-tags and keywords and so forth, but good honest relevant information about your product or service is the key element for showing up first in search engine results.

The next step is putting that information in the page so the search engine spiders that index your site can easily find that content.
Being a programmer in several languages for over 30 years, I hand code all my HTML so I can be sure it is as clean, concise and accurate as possible. Many designers use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) html editors to simplify their task of creating HTML code. With these progams the designer draws the page in an editor and the program actually creates the HTML code. The problem is that these programs are known for making code with errors, such as useless bits of left over code from editing deletions and repetitive formatting code that should be handled in a seperate CSS styling sheet.

We make your content more search engine friendly by writing very concise HTML code where it can be found without burying it in a mess of useless redundant code.