Custom Programming
John Noveske   

I began writing computer programs over 35 years ago. Most of my early programming was for engineering purposes and included Basic (various versions), Fortran IV, and AutoCad's AutoLISP.

In 1997 I began writing server-side applications for the internet using PERL programming language and MySQL database. Server-side programming is what makes websites dynamic. A shopping website or 'virtual storefront' for example needs a program so it can display merchandise to the customer, create their order by filling a shopping cart and then calculate a total and accept payment., for example, also uses PERL to run its massive and complex ecommerce shopping site.

An added service for our clients is our in-house ability to make custom applications that meet their specific needs without having to out-source that task to another firm. The benefits include lower costs, quicker turn around and better communication between the client and the programmer.

If you have an idea or a special need that requires custom programming, please call us for a free consultation on how we can help you reach that need. 541-474-5547